Monday, March 30, 2015

At 40

Well this past weekend I turned 40. As I write that, it seems a bit strange but to be honest I’m not overly worried about it. I won’t go into the “it’s only a number” game but to me it’s just the start of another decade. 

Now, I’m sentimental most of the time but this milestone got me thinking about all kinds of things. This blog will thus be a bit self-serving as more of a random journal of what I’ve appreciated in 40 years.

I remember my sisters being born and being excited at both their arrivals.

I’m proud of having earned my degree and joining the long list of family members who’d graduated from the University of Alberta.

I recall feeling I was the luckiest kid in the world having my grandparents all live across the street from each other when I was young.

I fondly look back on being part of the Edmonton 2001 World Championships in Athletics team which allowed me to live out a lifelong dream of being part of a major sporting event in my home town.

I’m thankful for my dad for coaching me at hockey and for my mom selflessly driving me to 7am basketball practices.

My first basketball broadcast in Lethbridge with AJ was amazing and I’ve been fortunate to turn that into many more since.

I look back on being simultaneously incredibly excited yet almost nervous at meeting each of my nephews. I’m sure it’ll be a similar feeling meeting my new niece or nephew this spring.

I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to work with so many amazing people at Incite and to be a partner is an added incredible bonus.

Je souviens de mes premières journées à Father Jan où je ne connaissais personne, ni la langue. Je suis chanceux maintenant que mes parents m’ont mis en immersion.

I still feel the anticipation of flying to live in Brussels or driving across the country to live in Montreal.

I appreciate all the support and guidance from my parents over the years and that continues to today.

I remember playing cops and robbers on between 10 and 12 Finch with my sisters and Waters. Kellie and I always got the walkie-talkies (as the older kids should).

The Friday afternoons during university spent in the Butterdome with Yen, GQ and Stu were some of my favourite basketball memories.

I remember all the years playing basketball with Ben, Paul and Guy and for making the senior team (and playing quite a bit) even after being cut in grade 11.

I can hear the 11,000 screaming fans still at Rexall Place when Ben Thomson scored those two goals to win the Golden Bears the 2005 University Cup and how great it was to work with our Athletics crew.

I’m proud to be a member of Delta Chi and of all the lifelong friends I’ve made because of it.

The Commonwealth Games in 1978 and Universiade in 1983 opened my eyes to how amazing international sport is.

I recall my first solo trip to Vancouver at age 9 and all the many since spending time with the Norwoods and McLeans.

I’m thankful to the Jakubecs, Volorneys and Waters for all the times spent at their houses playing hoops, hanging out or playing. It was great to grow up with AJ, Ben and Kellie.

I’m fortunate to have great brothers-in-law that I can love spending time with.

Flying around the world to work at World University Games is something I never thought I’d be able to do.

I’m thankful for all the trips across Canada my parents took us on so I could have an appreciation for what a great country we have.

I have and still enjoy all the times I get to visit with aunts, uncles, cousins and the next generation.

I've loved the guys’ trips taken with JCT, Sean, Ben, Farrukh, ACI and many others over the years and look forward to many more.

There have certainly been far more ups and downs in 40 years. Hitting this age has given me the chance to appreciate them and to look forward to more to come.


Jennifer Johnson said...

What a great piece, Doug! As someone also turning 40 this year I think it's a wonderful idea to look back and remember all the things that have brought us to where we are now. You've made me think that I should do the same :)

(On another note, I loved reading it as a parent and wondering what memories will be the ones my kids cherish most)

Jade said...

Great comment Jennifer- I can imagine how cool it would be to see what my kids remember. Doug- you are an amazing man and a good friend. I am so glad you keep writing. Happy Birthday you old bastard. XO

Doug McLean said...

Thanks for the kind words Jen and Margo. Jen, we certainly have come a long way since those days at PK but I'd love to read your blog around your birthday in May! As I don't have kids, I'd be curious the memories they'd take too so that's definitely an interesting angle.

Thanks I said, I'm an inconsistent writer but I appreciate the kind words (ok, not the old bastard part!!).