Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Light

When working to inspire ourselves or others we often talk about that light within us that we need to let burn. It’s that passion that motivates us to leap over buildings, deal with naysayers and develop visions so clear we can describe them in minute detail. I was reminded this evening of how important that drive is.

I attended Pecha Kucha 7 put on by Edmonton’s Next Gen (a committee I proudly sit on). It’s an event where presenters introduce their thoughts on a topic and have 20 slides and 20 seconds to present each slide. It’s a very fast moving, concise way to concretely present ideas. Presenters appear with different styles, levels of experience, nerves, and views. What struck me though was the passion each speaker demonstrated. Even if it was a topic I knew little about, the enthusiasm evident through the words and images made me care and want to listen. They live what they talked about and know they can have a positive impact in that space.

It reinforced to me how crucial it is for all of us to cultivate those diverse passions. Without them we float along marginally moved by things around us. With them you create momentum that results in growth and positive change. For me personally the light at times may flicker but tonight one went on realizing how important that it be there.

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Jade said...

I like this. It is a nice reminder that our dreams, our goals shouldn't just be about milestones set by society and culture. The "light", especially now days, is so easily buried as "selfish" and impractical. Have you ever read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead? You might find something resonating there.